The Credit Simple team tells: ‘My money moment’  –  our financial epiphanies

The Credit Simple team tells: ‘My money moment’  –  our financial epiphanies

“The day my Dad closed the bank of Mum and Dad when I was in my twenties. If things got tight, I’d just go to him and ask for a loan. Finally he said, “you’ve got to do this on your own”, and of course he was right.”
–  David Slack, Content & Social Media Manager

“I racked up a pretty nasty credit card debt when I was 19-20. I realised I needed to pay it off and just not spend what I want. I’ve also recently gotten married and we’re looking to the future – really investing and budgeting in the right way to buy a house, go on nice holidays and enjoy life without the worry.”
–  Emily Price, Head of Digital

“I realised how much junk I had wasted my money on which I had to throw out because there was no space for it. Then when I had to start paying rent and bills and food at the same time I realised I couldn’t just ‘wing’ my finances – I needed a reliable system.”
–  Emma Kendal, Senior Digital Designer

“Checking my credit card statement at the end of the month and realising I’ve always spent more than I thought I had. When something only costs $10, you don’t consider it spending at the time, but it adds up over the course of a month.”
–  Christian Farinella, Doer of Stuff

“My money moment was when I was living in the Ukraine and we borrowed a substantial amount of money, then there was the financial crisis  –  it was worse than the global financial crisis. The price of groceries went through the roof, and I was expecting my daughter at the time. We had to get by on almost nothing.”
–  Elena Moskalenko, Also a Doer of Stuff

“I realised when I got promoted to Head of HR at Credit Simple that I needed to make the most of my pay rise. So I siphoned off that extra money and put it into high-performing funds, and I’m now seeing incredible returns on my investments. It’s money I was living without, and I could easily have just increased my spending, but instead I decided to be sensible.”
–  Greg Taylor, Head of HR

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