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How to build an emergency fund (and why you need one)

Last week I paid for an upcoming ski holiday in Canada. The trip isn’t until January but it has to be paid in advance. Skiing in Canada is my idea of nirvana, so it wasn’t too painful to see the thousands of dollars flowing out of my account; after all, it’s going to a good cause. But this week, my car decided it needed a wheelbearing replaced plus a wheel alignment and new spark plugs. Then my dentist informed me…

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New Zealand Notes and Coins
How to conjure up money from nothing

Do you want to conjure money up from nowhere? It can be done. Cheapskates spend almost NOTHING. They pop to the toilet when it’s their round to buy the drinks and trawl local free sites for unwanted pet bunnies to eat. Well perhaps not bunnies, even though it’s been done. But here are some cheapskate ideas to ratchet down your spending big time before your debts affect your credit score: Become a Freegan. It’s amazing how much free food you…

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Funding your first set of wheels
Funding your first car – what you need to know before getting a car loan

Buying yourself a set of wheels is expensive. If you’ve saved the cash to buy the car, that’s great. But realistically, most young people have to borrow money to buy a car. If that’s you, brush up on a few things before you sign on the dotted line. Save Saving up and paying cash is the cheapest way to buy a car. Ask around and you’ll find friends who have done it. Surprising, huh? Downgrade your expectations We know you…

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Fatten up your finances with the Three Naughty Things rule
Increase your savings with these three tips.

Ever been on a diet? A really strict diet? Chances are, you went crazy about all the things you couldn’t have, felt way too restricted, and had a blowout with a tray of donuts and a one-litre tub of salted caramel gelato. (No? Oh… OK, just me then.) Your finances are a bit like a diet, only in reverse: if you succeed, your bank account is the thing that gets fat. But just like being on a diet, if you’re…

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Going from debt to building wealth: Your way to a richer future

There’s no magic in becoming financially fit. But Credit Simple’s Four Pillars of Wealth approach can help you get there. Going from debt to building wealth is easier than you might think. We guarantee there are people around you earning no more than you do who are well on their way to wealth. Here’s how to become one of them: Pillar one: spend less Do you know your needs from your wants? It’s only you who suffers if you’re not…

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Top tips to avoid over spending at Christmas

As we approach the silly season and our bank accounts begin to bear the brunt of it, Kiwis should aim to be careful shoppers and only spend what they can afford. We commissioned research which reveals nearly one in three New Zealanders put their Christmas and holiday spending on their credit card and are potentially facing a New Year hangover, saying they won’t pay the full bill before the due date (29%). spokesperson Hazel Phillips said the holiday season was…

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Have you ever felt too lazy to budget? (We may have the answer)

It’s a more common feeling than you might think. According to our recent survey, nearly one in 10 people say they don’t budget because they simply feel too lazy to. Beyond that, one-fifth started a budget but gave it up because they felt it was too difficult. That’s understandable – and it’s okay. But it doesn’t have to be the way things go. At Credit Simple, we speak to people every day who face the same issues – and that’s…

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Want to track your spending across multiple bank accounts?

There are 26 banks registered in New Zealand, at the Reserve Bank’s last count. While you’re unlikely to have accounts or credit / debit cards with every single one, many of us will have arrangements with at least two or three. And there is nothing wrong with that! We often find that the most suitable option for a home loan comes from a different source than our preferred credit card, while insurance may be with someone else entirely. That’s all…

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5 hobbies you don’t have to spend a fortune on

Everyone wants to go fishing without spending money, right? But how do you manage that? You need fishing rods and tackle, a boat (or a lucky spot on the coast) and bait. If you’re new to the game, you’ll have to invest in the equipment, and that expense can really add up. Taking up a new hobby on a budget is possible, but it requires forethought. We all want to try new things (golfing, fishing, off-roading) but don’t have the…

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Money worries giving you a headache? Talk to a financial mentor straight away for free

Being snowed under by bills or chased by a lender or debt collector can feel stressful. Having your bank balance constantly in the red can feel like life is spinning out of control. It can help to talk to someone about what’s happening, get another perspective and put a plan into place. Thanks to Fincap, you can get support for free. Fincap has set up a new helpline, MoneyTalks, which is an easy first port of call for anyone needing…

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