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7 tips to save money in 10 minutes
7 money saving tips you can complete in 10 minutes each

It can be all to easy to chuck anything money or finance related in the too-hard basket. But the truth is, spending a few minutes sorting out just one aspect of your finances can make a big difference. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, complete one of these money saving tips and you could see instant financial results. Empty your spare change into a jar Then pop on the lid. Now every time you’ve got a few bits of…

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How to enjoy a low-spend long weekend

As the long weekend kicks off, it can be all too easy to fill your time with fun and frivolous spending. But before you know it, Monday night rolls around and your bank balance is looking more than a little depleted. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to reset your default setting from ‘spend’ to ‘save’ for a few days, and the savings can be pretty significant. Read on for our tips to boost your savings in just a few days.…

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5 super fun (and frugal) school holiday hacks

If the school holidays have you fearing those dreaded words, ‘I’m bored!’ but you know you don’t have cash to spare, never fear – a quick Credit Simple brainstorm is all you need. Check out our top 5 tips to help you survive – and thrive – during these school holidays, with your budget and savings well and truly intact. 1. Get out and about – for free Whether you’re planning a vacation or a staycation, the school holidays are…

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Want an alternative to your big electricity provider? We weigh up the pros and cons of the small, non-profit power companies

Do you get worried when you receive your monthly power bill? Electricity and gas prices can be eye-wateringly expensive for some people. What’s more, the big companies want, naturally, to make as much profit as they can. There are alternatives.  In fact 48 brands from 32 parent companies are vying to offer their service to you. Some have quite different business models to the big incumbents. Did you know, for example, you can sign up to a power company that…

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Does solar power save you money on your electricity bill? We crunch the numbers

We all assume that we save money with solar power. But do we? Really? The answer may be as clear as mud. Solar can save you money. But not always as much as you assume and the economics are changing. Even the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority EECA says it doesn’t work for everyone. It costs you money to install Solar power (or water) systems cost you money to install. I looked at one well known company, Solar King, which…

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How to lose interest in presents (yes, it can be done)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that birthdays require delicious cake with lashings of icing and a complete lack of regard when it comes to calorie intake. However, it is a fib, unfortunately universally acknowledged as a truth, that birthdays also require presents – the rationale being that the more expensive the present, the more you love or admire the recipient. I have pondered this matter deeply, and after accidentally smashing my annual presents budget in six months, I have…

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Ho-ho-ho without the o-o-overdraft

It’s October when I write this, which means it’s been Christmas in retail land for about six months now. While a couple of weeks off in summer in honour of Baby Jesus’s birthday is an attractive proposition for most of us, it can also be a financial time bomb, set to go off when the bills arrive in January or February. So how can you make it through the silly season without spending silly amounts of money? Short of converting…

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