Tips to save everyday on technology

Tips to save everyday on technology

Technology has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s talking, texting, catching up with family on social media or searching for the latest recipe to cook for dinner. However technology is increasingly becoming more expensive.

Here are some tips to save money.

1. Understand your bills

Understand the plan you are currently on. What are the fees and charges?

Go through your bills and make sure you understand what the items are you are being charged for. If you don’t understand a line item on the bill call up your provider to get clarification or consider if you could remove any features. Alternatively, it might be time to switch providers altogether.

2. Research and Negotiate Your bill

Once you understand your bill, research other plans on the market. Are there better deals out there where you could be saving?

We have great offers on in your Credit Simple dashboard that might save you money. You can see them here. You can also try to negotiate with your current provider. Even if there isn’t another ISP in your area, it may be possible to ask for a bill reduction by citing your excellent payment history and complaining about service failures and slow speeds, if relevant. If they won’t meet your demands, go ahead and consider if a switch is right for you.

3. Avoid Late Fees (or call to cancel them)

All those little fees do add up. So it’s important that you pay your bills on time. However, we understand that from time to time life happens to get in the way and you may miss a payment deadline. You may be able to call your provider and request to have that late fee forgiven in certain circumstances. Another tip to avoid late fees is to set up a direct deposit.

Free calls – VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fancy term for the type of online services that allow you to make phone calls through an internet connection, such as Facetime, Whatsapp or Skype.  Sometimes, you can even chat for free using these services—especially if it’s a local call. All three services have an application you can download on your mobile phones.

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